So now that I’ve got Revulsion out of the way, I’m pretty much caught up with everything unfinished. Aside from an untapped archive of old and rather wonky songs, I’ve got nothing left to offer.
It’s both exciting and scary. I’m starting from scratch, which means I can go anywhere I wish. But I’m starting from scratch, and I don’t if I even have any ideas to fashion anymore.
So why not just jot down a bunch of random things to try? The overused term is brainstorm, I believe. I’ll try not to censor myself, a difficult task given my natural tendency to edit en route.

  • A classical album, in which I play the only four pieces I know how to play.
  • Instead of writing music first, write all the lyrics first. Because I procrastinate with lyrics way too much.
  • A heavy metal musical titled War.
  • An album of continuous music, or my own version of Sigur Rós’ Takk … or Madonna’s Confessions on a Dance Floor.
  • A Japanese cover album titled Shinkyoku Moratorium.
  • Dig through the college composition pieces and see what’s salvagable.
  • Something dissonant.
  • Something live.
  • Something spoken.
  • Erotica.
  • What? Like gay pr0n?
  • Sexy music of some sort? That would be challenging.
  • Collaborative piece with davidnunez.
  • A weird country album with Jason Grote. in Seattle.
  • Lyrics in Japanese
  • Violin music or more string quartet stuff
  • Solo piano album
  • Write stuff for Dreama’s Too Cool for Our Shoes. If she will let me.
  • A capella album(?)(!)
  • 8-bit music
  • Tuneful techno
  • Mimic Guided By Voices’ Bee Thousand album
  • No song more than a minute long (although Songs To Wear Pants To already does that.)
  • Game music for an imaginary game.
  • Space Monkeys, the Philip Glass performance art piece.
  • Shiina Ringo cover album
  • Urban music
  • Fuck the Postal Service. (Disclaimer: I like the Postal Service — I’m just wondering what the sound of fucking the Postal Service would be like.)
  • Duran Duran cover album
  • Variations on themes by Duran Duran
  • Duran Duran songs reimagined and recontextualized
  • No introspective songs!
  • Nothing slower than 120bps

I bet I’m going to look back on this list and throw much of it out. What would you make book on what remains?