That’s it. No more.
I am putting a moratorium on new songwriting from now till the end of the year.
I have recorded about 40 songs since the start of the year, and now they must be polished and fine-tuned. Some of them need to be finished.
If I write any more, I will be inundated, and things that are half-finished will remain as such.
No new writing will commence until after the start of the new year. More specifically, no new recording will be made until after the start of the new year.
Sketches are acceptable. (I wouldn’t want to get too neglectful.) But no new recordings.
None. Zip.
I’m actually starting to feel weighed down by the number of songs that need to be thoroughly mixed and edited before vocals can be laid down. I don’t want to add anything more to it.
So I am declaring a moratorium on new studio work.
What is up on is all that there will be for now.
End of line.