I’ve already updated the song inventory, I may as well update the project inventory.
The list has been expanded to include projects already completed.

  • enigmatics
    A tribute to an artist of whom I’m not much of a fan.

    This one was done a long time ago.

  • Voodoo
    This was a working title of what eventually became Imprint.

    All that needs to happen now is fine tuning and vocals. The music and lyrics for these songs are pretty much set. I’m even getting used to the very non-sensical lyrics of “Choices”.

  • 「風の歌を聴け」
    I’m calling this my Wayne Horvitz rip-off EP. Three-fifths of it is already done, and I’ve got a good idea of the fourth song. The fifth is a complete blank. But I feel I’m close.

    In reality, this EP ended up ripping off Craig Armstrong more than Wayne Horvitz, but I like how all the songs are just off-kilter with each other and on the whole.

  • Shift Your Paradigm
    Seven sketches for this project have been sitting around, so I would like to try to finish it. It’ll be more introspective than Imprint but not as bugfuck crazy as 「風の歌を聴け」.

    This project will eventually become Restraint, after having gone through the working title Speechless. I’ll make the switch after I’ve written lyrics for the new songs I’ve finished. I’m not sure why I’m convinced the songs on this album work together. They’re all really different.

  • A Ghost in My Shadow
    The original project. Problem, though — I’ve been cannibalizing it. Four songs from it have already been reassigned to Imprint, and another two form the basis of 「風の歌を聴け」. So really, I’m not sure whether this project will exist by this time next year.

    I decided not to cannibalize this project, and in fact, reinstate the track listing from the original demo tape, A Loss for Words. That means the three songs that open Imprint also open A Ghost in My Shadow — in the same order.

  • Revulsion (formerly, Stylish Number Girl)
    I haven’t done much with this one, but then again, I haven’t been writing with a guitar. And that will be my gimmick for this project — to write with an instrument I’m not skilled at playing. I do have about six sketches, which is a lot by comparrison.

    I decided to scale down this project from a full album to an EP, and I concentrated on the sketches I already had. The results sound pretty good, even if I had to mimic the guitar parts on a keyboard.

  • 8.0s
    Ha! I keep thinking I’m joking about writing a full-on new wave project, but I’ve got a narrow window of opportunity here — the 80s are fashionable again, what with the Killers and Franz Ferdinand and the like. And honestly? I actually have songs written in the style, more closer to Duran Duran than anything. So this may still happen yet. But probably not in time before the Killers and Franz Ferdinand go out of style.

  • Chronology Protection Conjecture
    This idea so didn’t stick, I didn’t realize I had it till I read my archive. But one of my other hair-brained ideas was writing a song cycle about string theory. You know — The Elegant Universe by Brian Greene … Maybe.

    If I do anything with project it will be along the lines of The Elegant Universe by Brian Greene.

  • Shinkyoku Moratorium
    This entry mentioned covers I wouldn’t mine doing, but I don’t have enough material to perform the kind of transformations I want to do. An album of Japanese cover songs, though, has a lot more potential — I’d be hard-pressed to narrow it down. I already know I want to try some Quruli, Supercar, Shiina Ringo, maybe Number Girl and perhaps “Count Down” by Cocco … Oh, and I’m going to use the moniker Deathcake Yumi.
    UPDATE 12/15/05: Inspired by my own paraphrasing of Shiina Ringo’s Muzai Moratorium, I figure Shinkyoku Moratorium would be as good a title as any.

  • Secular
    I never think of this project till Christmas comes around. And maybe this year with my studio built, I may finally tackle it. The idea was to make a Christmas album entirely of sacred songs. Calling it Secular is sarcastic on my part.

  • Stigmata and Chess
    I just like the idea of using these as titles. But now that I think of it, I could probably rename 8.0s to Chess and give the untitled Japanese cover record the code name Stigmata.