Back in August, Matt Damon said he wanted to be in a porn movie. Well, in my head, he’s in one.
A long while back, I started writing this story called The Mansion. I was partly inspired by the Anne Rice erotica novels — “partly” because my imagination is far more vanilla — and I started “casting” a number of celebrities as (models for) characters.
An original version of this story had Sting, Patrick Stewart and Lorenzo Lamas — or rather characters that look a lot like them — doing some, well, slashy things.
After Damon made his comments, I recasted the story to put him in the starring role with Tony Goldwyn as his, ahem, “mentor”. I may drop Sting but keep Patrick Stewart and Lorenzo Lamas somewhere in the plot.
I have a version of the story unflagged in work in progress, but after the recast, some of the dialogue changed and so did the main character. I may post something if I get around to putting things down on paper.

I had the vague idea of participating in NaNoWriMo this year, but I knew it would be a busy month for me. Had I done so, I would have waited till Nov. 1 to start, with no plot preparation beforehand.
The story I would have written was (tenatively) titled The Album. It’s a variation of an idea I came up with last year — I wanted to write a series of short stories in which Waterloo Records somehow lurked in the background. Some leaps of imagination later, I ended up with the idea of following the impact of a music album on a number of people’s lives, including the band that made it.
I was thinking of something pretty advanced for my level of writing — shifting perspectives, weaving in fictional reviews from imaginary zines, incorporating lyrics of my own songs.
It’s a worthy idea, I think.
If only blah blah blah …