I keep having to remind myself to jot these ideas down, just so time doesn’t pass and I forget.

  • I am changing the ethnicity of Crux’s future love interest. He started out as white (big surprise), but some random browsing on Friendster led me to someone I had thought about in years. And he seemed like the kind of guy Crux would go for. Plus, making Crux’s love interest the same race as his (Asian), I think it would open up some very different dynamics. This “casting change” reminds of how I made Garrett Wang as the physical model for Gary. Till then, Gary kind of looked like, well, me.
    Oh, yeah — and his name is Jason. For a long time, he was just “J”. (And that will still be his nickname.) But the J now stands for Jason. For some reason, I know a lot of very handsome Jasons.

  • I’m going to stand by my blatant rip-off of Dr.StrangeLove’s “Dolly”. I’m throwing in some Shiina Ringo-like chords, alongside the BBMAK chorus, so the song seems to have its own identity now.