Great. Just what the world needs — another freekin’ weblog.
Of course, I’m skirting around the nomenclature by calling this a “scrapbook”, and in a way it is.

Long ago and far away, I created a “live scrapbook” for my fiction called work in progress. The intention was to catalog everything happening in my creative process — my draft notes, as it were.
The site lived and died and lived again. When it came back, the “scrapbook” didn’t.
A lot can happen in four years, and in this case, content management systems such as Movable Type cropped up.
Bringing back the “scrapbook” became a possibility once again. And not just for fiction — I could prattle on about my much-neglected music projects as well.
So no. This isn’t a weblog. I’ll keep the memes, the punditry, the discourse out of it. (Hell, I’m not even allowing comments, although feedback is welcome for those who dare.)
Instead, you get to find out what kind of weird crap bounces around my head. (Not that it’s much different from what happens here.)