Crux just thought it was another night of hunting – of seeking out those who would prey on humankind. Instead, the novice hunter ends up killing Thomas, one of the most powerful immortals in New York City, and starts a turf war that puts a bullseye on his back.

Too bad for his would-be captors. Thomas' death awakens in Crux a dormant power so strong, nobody – not even Crux himself – can fathom it.

And he's just getting started ...

About the novel

Crux has been a character that had been hanging around the edges of my consciousness since 1991. I've tried numerous times to set down his story, but I couldn't get his voice right.

On my last attempt, I let two friends read the results, and they were eager to know what would happen to him. So I hunkered down and finished the story in 2009.

Starting to Remember is the result.

And it only took 18 years.

Why free?

Crux isn't done with his adventures, but I don't consider myself as a full-time novelist. I did finish a literary novel back in 2001, which will remain unpublished.

It took 8 years before I got around to finishing this story, 18 if you count the first drafts from 1991.

In short, don't make any bets on when the next Crux story will surface.

But I'd rather have some readers than no readers, and maybe if enough people like this tale, they'll put on the heat to make me finish another.