These are some of the things I’ve been meaning to write:

  • Reviews of CHARA, Eluvium and other assorted things for
  • Season finale thoughts for
  • Reaction to the news of the end of Battlestar Galactica
  • Summaries of the Hawaiʻi trip and the move to the new apartment.
  • A photo gallery of the new apartment

I’ve actually had time to write these entries. Not this past weekend, of course, but certainly in the past few weeks. I have not. I would fire up the Movable Type, only to glance at the screen and decide I wasn’t in a "writing mood".

Writing requires a degree of specialized concentration, what I feel is a specific part of my mind to make content readable by my ridiculous standards. And I just don’t feel like indulging that part of the noggin. That, and I’m getting tired of writing in an HTML form.

But it isn’t just ambivalence toward writing I feel — I’m not feeling particularly passionate about code either. For a few weeks at work, I was immersing myself in Ruby on Rails, just to gauge how much work it would take to add another acronym to my résumé. That passed pretty quickly. I don’t even want to look at any PHP or PERL.

Are my priorities changing? Is this just one of those periods of burn-out, where time away is required for rejuvenation? Perhaps.

Perhaps related — perhaps not — is the urge to start work on a new Eponymous 4 album. I’ve been listening to all the Eponymous 4 work so far, and … I want to hear something new. I promised myself I wouldn’t start work on anything new till I get further along with vocals, but who am I kidding? I can’t help but start writing at some point.

I guess I’m just getting distracted.